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What is Poor Fortune Netcasting?

Simply a netcasting network for the average person, by the average person. Jeremy Fortune - Self proclaimed geek, techy, and sports nerd.

I came up with the idea for Poor Fortune after multiple discussions with friends over the span of a couple of beers...erm years. Quite simply we all felt there was a group of people that most media outlets were missing. While mass media does a great job of reporting the facts of stories; it seems like you hear the same opinion being said the same way on each station. The large outlets also seem to miss when they give the "Pulse of the fan". Does ESPN really know how the average fans feel? Really?

With all of that said I decided to start my own small Internet Broadcasting Company - Poor Fortune Netcasting - in the heart of the country, Bentonville, Arkansas - Home of this little company named Wal-Mart. The idea is to put out professional content on subjects I know, but in a way I would talk about them with my friends. I have no aspirations of making a ton of money, but I plan on having a ton of fun along the way. Though if you want to pay me I sure would appreciate it.

Shows will be recorded on nights and weekends so I can keep my day job. Since the Star Trek dream of society has not come true I have to keep being a good corporate minion.

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